Monday, November 1, 2010

October 23 - Its official! Oh and I turned 42

Even though I had a car accident two days ago, and I was feeling quite sore, that didnt keep us from getting out for a birthday sail. Brooke, Flannery and Barb, joined me for 1) a sail on my 42nd birthday, and 2) for the official renamining ceremony. We followed the ceremony posted on, as it came up first on Google, and seemed to be the one most referenced in the forums.

So its official our boat is now named "Inara". 

So next you will ask where the name came from...  Well I kind of made it up.  Way earlier in the year, I had read a post on one of the cruisers forums about naming a boat, and how you want a name that you dont mind being associated with. So I was driving up US19 and there was this billboard for a new spa.  The name of the spa escapes me, but it was close to Inara.  I thought that if I change the spa names "d" to an "n" and the "b" to a "d" (or something like that) the new name would  be Inara, and that seemed like a cool name.  when I got to work I Googled Inara... Huh seems that I didnt just make up a name... Inara is the Hittite goddes of wild animals, and a character on the short run TV series Firefly.  Oh well, so much for originality...  I will say that I came up with the name first ;).