Monday, March 21, 2011

Good weekend for sailing

Well it was a good weekend for sailing.  I started out the weekend, by taking my mom for a sunset cruise.  I let her take the helm, and, I dont know if its she doesnt know what she is doing, or if she has no fear, but it didnt take long for her to have Inara saliling along at above hull speed.  I snapped a pic of GPS recording 5.6 knts, but there were times when GPS was showing 5.8 to 6.0 knts.

I snapped this pic, just to show how much she had Inara heeling over.

When sailed up to Tarpon Springs-ish, and then back to the sound to watch the sunset.

Nice way to end a work week.

Here is our track:

Mom and Dad left Saturday morning.  I did some work around the house, and then used my pass from Brooke to get out sailing on my own.

Good times.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Its been a while

Sorry its been a while since I last posted.  You know how it goes... Holidaze!  Then trips... Work is killing me.  Then I promised my wife that I would re-do the bathroom.

So everything is settling back down, as much as life does.  In the past three months, I did have to replace the battery.

I built a PVC roller furler just to see how it would work.  Not bad.  It will take some more time out on the water to decide if its a really usable tool.  Since it only cost about $40, I am not out too much.

I took Monday and Tuesday off work this week, mainly because my parents are in town, and to take them out sailing, but then they threw in the twist that they were going to go spend a couple days with a friend.  No matter, Brooke and I went out on Monday, the breeze was just enough to move the boat along, but thats how Brooke likes it.  then in the afternoon I went out solo.  Good winds 8 to 10 knts, at least thats what the weather report said.