Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sailing with the Girls

Going to be out of town this up coming week, so it was important to get out today and go sailing.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sailing with Flannery

So after much promising (threatening) her, Flannery and I started our Wednesday night sailing lessons. She already kind of knows how to sail as she went to sailing camp three years ago, where she sailed sunfishes and JY's for a couple weeks. After camp, we got her a sunfish of her own which she sailed for the summer, before we sold it. But I digress. Since then - through the sailing club Catalina 27s and now our boat, I would occasionally ask Flan to take the helm, and she would FREAK out. I dont know what was going on. Its not like she could hit anything. So we sat down and talked about it. I didnt get any answer about the freak outs, but we decided that we would go out on Wednesday nights and have some lessons. If for nothing else just to get her comfortable with a bigger boat.

So we went over the boat last night, together. Prepped everything together, side by side. I motored the boat 1/2 way out of the marina, and then had her take over. Other than when she put the sails up/down, she had the helm the whole time. We took every tack and gybe slowly. I explained how to look at the sails to tell if she was sailing too close to the wind, how to look at the windex to help with sailing down wind, how to sail to a point on land.

Even after almost two hours, there were still questions, and I can tell she is still unsure about a lot of the basics, but she is 12, and her time on a sailboat can be measured in hours. It was a good start.

Flannery at the tiller

Our track

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